Broken Screen Apple Watch Gold 44 SS S6 Cellular GPS ($80 Fix, $500+Value)
Ninendo Wii with Controllers, Accessories & Games
Oculus Go with Remote
Broken Screen Gold Moto 360 2nd Gen
Purdy Painters Bag with Purple paint spill inside
Painting Tools
Kimono, Money Green, Decorators White, Fire Orange, and various color paints
Abstract Paintings on @Artbybdc (paint & print)
Websites on BDCDreams.com
Painting Services
Fitbit 2nd Gen
Products on Damian Calzato.com
PlayStation 3 with Controllers and 20+ Games
Movies not available on Netflix
Books that will change your life (mine and others)
High End Designer Clothing (anything_)
Business & Startup ideas & advice
iPhone 12 (needs a restore)
iPhone 10 & 13 (parts)
Custom Clothing & Apparel
Custom Energy Pillows(Paint & Print)
Sony Audio Recorder
Custom GhettoDJ, BRiiDGe, Starlyst, UBerTuber MYW Pages
Damian’s Custom and PreMade Feng Shui Paintings
Ontario Construction Connections
Blueprint layout and design service
Simple and Complex Website Development
Staging Your Home for Success Service
Colour and Wallpaper Consultations
Abstract Room Painting
anythng.ca Startup Building Service
Digital NFT rights for Damian’s Artwork, Quotes, BDC Dreams Designs
Home Setup and Personalized Innovation Service
Mint Samsung 32″ TV 1080P 2006
Decent Samsung Blu-Ray Player (no remote)
Silver Cuban Link Bracelet
Used Bunjo Chair
4 Good size Bird Cages with start up bird life essentials with lesson on birdcare
Old school Danby AC Unit
Party Chair Rentals
Party Furniture and Home Staging Furniture Rentals, Delivery, Set up and Take down
LG Photography Photoshoot
Double Mirror Abstract Artwork
Visiion board break down and set up = VisionScreen.ca
Make Money online with FunnyMoney.me Service
Graphic Design: Flyers, Logos, Pictures, Etc.
Custom Vision Board Design
Big Blue Chair
Smartphone Photography Lessons
How to use your smartphone lessons
Two Painted White sliding closet doors
Wall Coathanger
Cinamon Joints (lol jk)
First Print Damian Business Cards (12+ bizCard Versions)
Comfy Mattress
A Foldable Sleeping Cot bed
Cool Unique Home Accessories
Custom Paintings with Feelings
HP 67 Ink Printer
Foldable Party Table
One of a Kind Jewelry from Overseas
Health Advice from a Smoker Handbook
Unique Apartment Front Door Painting
Heavy Duty Industrial Type Fan
Dirt Devil Old School Vacuum
Safe Storage Space inside Safe Home
Warm Blankets
Essential Oil Diffuser with Special Essential Oils
Antique Six Seater From Old City Hall x2 Rows
Worse Case Senario Training
Like New Air Fryer
Car Camping Window Cover
Contemporary slim grey sofa (with cup holders)
Christmas Tree
Nescafe Rich Blend
MacBook 2013 (needs a screen fix)
iPod Touch 5th Gen 512GB (needs fix)
Blue Fossil Watch (one brown leather strap)
Money Frames (@bdcdreams on Instagram)
Two Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell 25Lb.
Google Home
Essential Oil Diffuser
Broken Paper Shredder
Disney Glow in the Dark Specialty Finish Paint
Round Kitchen Table
Dinnerware and glassware rental
Tour Through the most colourful apartment in Canada
Education and Study Gameplan Guidance
Free: Box of ghetto movies given to me (never watched 99%)
Free: A lesson in imagination, innovation, entrepreneurship
Free: A one on one painting class (home & art)
Free: Vitamin D
Free: Add an old site to MillionYearWebsite.com
Free: The Holy Bible
Free: Harry Potter #1
Free: Gold Braulio Key
Free: Eleven Second Coffee Advice with Damian Calzato
Free: Ideas
Free: BDC Dreams Co-Founder Positions
Free: Suggest the next architectural masterpiece on tomorrowtowers.com
Free: Colour Psychology Yellow
Free: Relationship advice from a lonely man
Free: Connection with God Classes
Free: Health Stuff on FoodCode.ca
Free: Water
Free: Shelter
Free: Food
Free: Internet
Free: Ghetto Luxury
Free: Paint job with luxury paint color purchase
Free: Happiness, Peace, Joy
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